Terms of Use

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Welcome to the XR Innovation Forum (XRIF), an online platform for knowledge dissemination, discussion and collaboration in the field of innovation with and use of eXtended Reality (XR), both at the technical level, as well as daily use and development. On the XRIF you can share, search, find and connect. It offers developers, supporters, researchers, educators and interested parties one central place to share knowledge with peers, as well as the entire SURF community. The XRIF is provided by SURF B.V.

As a visitor to the XRIF you can find information about eXtended Reality technology, projects, results of use, parties involved and developers/supporters/educators/researchers. You can connect with users of the XRIF and share information. As a logged in user of the XRIF, you can take advantage of even more features of the platform, such as posting new posts, responding to posts and/or reactions from others, or following discussions.

You can log in through SURFconext and thereby manage your own contributions to the XRIF, plus set your public profile. Moreover, you can respond to other users’ posts, show your own projects, results and expertise, search for topics of interest or results of others, or find collaboration partners.

Take a look at the platform as a visitor or log in as a user and discover how the XR Innovation Forum can help you spread and gain knowledge and build valuable connections in the field of eXtended Reality innovation.

In these Terms of Use you will find the rules of conduct for the XRIF, as well as the rights and obligations that apply when using the XRIF.

1. Definitions

1.1. In these Terms of Use, a number of definitions are used. Definitions are capitalized.

  • Comment: A new Post posted by a User that responds to an existing Post (possibly as a quote from that Post), or other types of responses such as giving a like to an existing Post. Comments can be added to a Post by all Users. However, there are limitations on the XRIF platform due to the use of Trust Levels, whereby new users with few interactions with the XRIF do not yet have full rights.

  • Moderator: SURF is Moderator. These include, but are not limited to, clarifying Topic titles, dividing a Topic into several sub-Topics if this better supports a discussion, closing a Topic (allowing no further Comments) if the discussion is no longer on-topic or threatening to become so, or deleting Posts that do not comply with these Terms of Use. In addition, Moderators can also more directly welcome and support new Users in the use of the XRIF. Moderators are either employees of SURF, or Users appointed by SURF in the role of Moderator.

  • Post: User’s contribution to the XRIF newly posted or added as a Comment - including but not limited to - text, images, publications and/or URLs. The respective User is responsible for the above mentioned information on the XRIF. Posts can be posted by all Users of the XRIF. However, there are restrictions on the XRIF platform due to the use of Trust Levels, whereby new Users with as yet few interactions with the XRIF do not yet have full rights.

  • Profile: Information entered by a User about him/herself, e.g. expertise, work or affiliation. A User can also set a profile photo. A User can choose whether his/her Profile information is publicly visible.

  • SURF: SURF B.V. SURF provides the XRIF platform and is Moderator of the platform.

  • Terms of Use: These Terms of Use.

  • Topic: A Post together with all Comments posted thereon, which is displayed as a coherent discussion on the XRIF. Each Topic has a title that serves as a summary of the discussion in the Topic.

  • Trust Level: The level of use on the XRIF and the corresponding set of possible actions and interactions on the XRIF assigned to a User. As a User interacts more with the XRIF, their Trust Level is adjusted (automatically). There is a limited number of Trust Levels (0-4) that are largely automatically determined and adjusted per User, in a manner that is the same for all Users. In certain cases, a Moderator may manually adjust a User’s Trust Level. The Trust Levels are a feature of the forum software used for the XRIF (Discourse) and cannot be turned off. More details about the Discourse Trust Levels can be read here.

  • User: natural person, who is logged into the XRIF.

  • Visitor: natural person visiting the XRIF (but not logging in). Visitor has the following rights on the XRIF: viewing and searching Posts on the XRIF, viewing Profiles (if made public) of Users, sharing Posts via social media. A Visitor is not equivalent to a User.

  • XRIF: https://xrif.surf.nl

2. Rights and obligations of the User

2.1 By default, a User has the following rights of use on the XRIF: to modify personal Profile information, to enrich it, to adjust the visibility of one’s own Profile information, to post new Posts or to post Comments, to follow and unfollow Topics, to get an overview and to manage notifications, followed and favorite Topics, and to change their forum preferences.

2.2 The User shall comply with these Terms of Use.

2.3 The User uses the XRIF in accordance with these Terms of Use, with specific reference to Article 3 Abuse.

2.4 The User’s account and Profile on the XRIF is strictly personal. The User is not allowed to transfer or give use of his account and/or Profile and resulting access to a third party.

2.5 A User will not post special personal data (as defined by the GDPR), such as relating to someone’s health, race, or sexual preference on the XRIF.

3. Abuse

3.1. Abuse means - but is not limited to - using the XRIF in a way for which the platform is not intended. Abuse includes in any case:

  • Using the XRIF to advertise commercial products, services or a company;

  • Sending spam messages to Users of the XRIF;

  • Phishing or identity fraud;

  • Spreading computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other malicious code;

  • Excessively criticizing an idea, article or person;

  • Infringing on intellectual property or other proprietary rights of others;

  • Posting Posts and/or Comments on the XRIF that contain offensive or discriminatory statements and/or personal attacks;

  • Posting Posts and/or Comments that violate the law, public order or morality.

3.2. It is prohibited to use the XRIF in any of the abovementioned forms of Abuse or in any other way that is not in accordance with social norms and values.

4. Consequences of Abuse

4.1 Posts, Comments, and/or Topics that do not comply with the socially accepted norms and values or in the cases referred to in Clause 3 may be removed by SURF.

4.2 SURF will inform the User in the event of Abuse.

4.3 If SURF has reason to believe that certain information or communication by the User infringes or threatens to infringe rules or obligations as set out in these Terms and Conditions of Use, the User will be obliged, in consultation with SURF, to put an end to said infringement as soon as possible and to prevent it from occurring in future.

4.4 SURF reserves the right to (immediately) block a User on the XRIF without giving reasons.

4.5 SURF will also be entitled to take other measures necessary to protect SURF, Users, and/or third parties against damage, nuisance, or infringements of rights.

5. Liability

5.1. The User is responsible for his or her own actions with respect to the creation of Posts and/or Comments on the XRIF.

5.2. SURF accepts no liability of third parties arising from non-compliance with the Terms of Use or the posting of Posts and/or Comments on the XRIF by the User.

6. Intellectual property rights

6.1. If third party rights are vested in a work, the User must ensure that he has permission to post the work on the XRIF. Insofar as there is an open access license attached to the relevant work of (a) third party (parties), the User shall mention the relevant open access license terms associated with this work (on the XRIF).

7. Duration of the XRIF

7.1. No rights can be derived from making the XRIF available, including the Posts and/or Comments placed on it, with regard to the duration or duration of the XRIF.

8. Privacy and cookie policy

8.1. Read how the XRIF handles your privacy (privacy statement) via this link.

8.2. Read through how the XRIF handles cookies (cookie statement) via this link.

9. Applicable law

9.1. These Terms of Use are governed by Dutch law and the competent court is the District Court Midden-Nederland, location Utrecht.

10. Amendments to the Terms of Use

10.1. SURF reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Use and the privacy and cookie policy.

10.2. XRIF therefore advises you to check this page regularly to see whether any changes have been made.

11 Questions, suggestions?

11.1. Contact can be made at xr@surf.nl.

These tems of use were last updated 1 february 2024