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5 januari

Cookie Statement

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The SURF XR Innovation Forum (hereinafter XRIF or we) places cookies on your computer. Cookies allow the site to function properly. This cookie statement tells you which cookies we place and why.

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More information about the personal data we process in connection with the setting of cookies can be found in our privacy statement.

About cookies

On our website, we use cookies: small files sent by an internet server that are stored on or allow us to access information in the device you use to visit the website, such as your computer or phone.

Placing and deleting cookies

When you visit our website for the first time, you will see a notice at the bottom of the window saying “SURF places functional cookies to make this website work properly. Where possible, the data is anonymised.” We place these cookies without your explicit consent.

The cookies we place without your consent are necessary to make the website function properly. These cookies have little or no impact on your privacy and are not stored any longer than is strictly necessary.

You can delete cookies through your browser settings. There you can also set what kind of cookies are placed on your computer. In addition, most cookies have an expiry date. This means that they expire automatically, either when you close your browser, or after a certain period of time, and then no longer record data about your site visit.

Cookie types

Functional cookies

The XR Innovation Forum uses a number of functional cookies, which are necessary for the website to function. The purpose of these cookies is to store the following information:

Analytical cookies

The XR Innovation Forum does not use analytical cookies to track statistics.

Third parties

Embedding content, for example using and <iframe> or <embed> tag is currently not enabled in XR Innovation Forum posts, so third parties cannot set cookies in user-posted content.

No other third-party cookies are currently used on the XR Innovation Forum.

List of cookies

The following cookies are used on the XR Innovation Forum:

Name Essential Expires Purpose
cookieconsent_status Yes 1 year remembers that you clicked away the cookie banner
email Yes Session remembers your e-mail as you create an account
destination_url Yes Session helps redirect you to your requested page after logging in
sso_destination_url Yes Session helps redirect you to your request page after single sign on
sso_payload Yes Session used during SSO authentication when two-factor authentication is enabled
authentication_data Yes Next Page View temporarily stores user information during login flows
theme_ids Yes 1 year remembers your theme personalization if you don’t tick “Make this my default theme on all my devices”
color_scheme_id Yes 1 year remembers your color personalization if you don’t tick “Set default colour scheme(s) on all my devices”
dark_scheme_id Yes 1 year remembers your color personalization if you don’t tick “Set default colour scheme(s) on all my devices”
cn Yes Session temporarily stores notification read state
_bypass_cache Yes Session allows the server-side cache to be bypassed during login flows
_t Yes 14 days remembers who you are when you log in
_forum_session Yes Session associates an ID, and other security-related information, with your browsing session
dosp Yes Next Page View enables client denial of service protection, a security protection
text_size Yes 1 year remembers default text size when a user wants to change it on only one device
cookietest Yes Session checks if cookies are enabled when authentication fails
__profilin No Session used by software developers to bypass rack-mini-profiler

Change of cookie statement

SURF reserves the right to make changes to this cookie statement. We advise you to consult this cookie statement regularly so that you are aware of these changes.

Privacy statement

Please also read our privacy statement. There you can read how SURF handles your personal data and what rights you have regarding your data.

This cookie statement was last updated 26 februari 2024

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