XR2 Industry HORIZON project (2023-2026), Lynx R-1 as basis for a European reference platform?

From https://www.computerweekly.com/news/366564272/XR2-industry-initiative-targets-European-XR-headset-for-Industry-50 (and see also this Lynx linkedin post):

Looking to provide an alternative to American or Asian companies that currently dominate extended reality (XR) application markets, the XR2 Industry (Tailoring eXtended Reality to Industry’s Needs) project has been launched in Paris with a kick-off EU consortium event intended to promote an industrially relevant European platform that secures ethics and data management to empower the European technological ecosystem.

Working under the European Commission’s Horizon Innovation Actions programme, the XR2 Industry project proposes a Europe-oriented approach to building the fundamental blocks for creating a reference XR European platform with a novel version of Lynx Mixed Reality’s Lynx-R1, the first European data-aware XR headset.

On the project objectives:

The project is designed to run for 36 months until 2026 and has four core objectives: definiting needs for a user-centric XR platform; implementing a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-compliant XR platform via a full assessment of data privacy capabilities; integrating the XR platform in industrial contexts; and reinforcing XR in industrial contexts via the proposed platform.

Official EC project page is here. Total funding is 9.1ME, with 1.3ME for Lynx (listed as SL Process, company name explained here).

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Good to see a further push from the EU commission to EU hardware. It was one of the prime goals in the EU AR/VR Coalition.
Lets hope it helps Lynx to survive as well

Thank you for the info.