Which software (and hardware) is used by your institute?

When talking to people inside and outside our institute I noticed people used quite a wide range of Hardware & Software. Low code web-tools, full game-engines, small tools, home-made content and online assets.
I was wondering, what hardware, software, and use-cases do you use, or do you see being used within your institute? Having an overview would help me (and maybe others?) to find new tools, and perhaps help decide what tools to use for future projects.

If there is a topic about this, then please close this topic, but I couldn’t find it

To kick it off myself for BUas (or at least the people I am connected to)

I mostly use Unity within our development team. Within unity I largely use OpenXR with XR Interaction Toolkit to rapidly develop project with pre-existing and well maintained interaction packages. This is something we use for a variety of devices, Quest (1,2,3), Vive, Varjo Aero, Various AR HMDs (Xreal,Lenovo,Hololens). Nice part is that there is pretty good support of you want to make an application from scratch

Our second tool most used is Unreal Engine, mostly for high-fidelity VR projects that use a tethered VR Device like Quest 3 (with link), and Vive.
Our game-dev education is focused on AAA games, and there are not a lot of VR/AR applications, but their main tool is Unreal with some Unity projects.

Then there are some more apps we build which are not single-use, but can be used across projects. The main one being EEG360, this tool is build in Unity and is used to display photos, videos and multiple-choice questions on a VR HMD (VIVE, Varjo, Quest with link). This is used by our Neuro Scientists to connect the brain-analysis software (E-Prime) via a local network connection and do research using 360 photos and videos.

I also see some low-code or no-code tools being used by students and lecturers to show content or create simple content. Fectar has been used by students for thesis projects. Lens Studio and Spark Studio by some lecturers media design for students to create their own filters. These are all used with smartphones, instead of HMDs.

And ofcourse various videoplayers (like SteamVR’s build in Video Player) are used for showing 360 video content. We hereby largely use the Insta360 One X2 camera, as well as existing videos from online repositories.

There are probably some extra which we use, but these are the ones most visible to me.
I am curious to see what tools you are all using.