The Godot Game Engine and XR (session summary and recording)

Last Wednesday we had a great session on the Godot game engine, and use for XR specifically, as part of the SURF XR Developer Network activities.

Bastiaan Olij, core developer for XR support at Godot Engine, presented an overview of Godot, its history and future plans. After a short slide presentation he showed how easy it is to set up a simple XR project in Godot, and running it on a Meta Quest 3 as part of the development cycle, either through Quest Link, or deployed to the device. He also showed details of the Godot XR Tools, which contain a lot of useful components that can be added to XR projects, such as teleportation and hand models.

Quite a few questions were asked during the session, including on scripting possibilities, OpenXR 1.1, support for various devices, upcoming Godot support for Quest as announced by Meta and W4 Games and more advanced features from the Meta SDKs.

The overall feedback on Godot was very positive, specifically the quick development cycle that it allowed. It seems Godot is more and more becoming an alternative to Unity and Unreal.

The session was recorded and can be viewed here:

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