Meta: Introducing Meta Horizon OS, opening to non-Meta hardware, bridge to other platforms

Quite some interesting tidbits in that blog. Initial partners are apparently ASUS, Lenovo and Xbox.

Today we’re taking the next step toward our vision for a more open computing platform for the metaverse. We’re opening up the operating system powering our Meta Quest devices to third-party hardware makers, giving more choice to consumers and a larger ecosystem for developers to build for. We’re working with leading global technology companies to bring this new ecosystem to life and making it even easier for developers to build apps and reach their audiences on the platform.

[…] This new hardware ecosystem will run on Meta Horizon OS, the mixed reality operating system that powers our Meta Quest headsets. […]

[…] The Horizon social layer currently powering Meta Quest devices will extend across this new ecosystem. It enables people’s identities, avatars, and friend groups to move with them across virtual spaces and lets developers integrate rich social features into their apps. And because this social layer is made to bridge multiple platforms, people can spend time together in virtual worlds that exist across mixed reality, mobile, and desktop devices. Meta Horizon OS devices will also use the same mobile companion app that Meta Quest owners use today—we’ll rename this as the Meta Horizon app.

[…] We’re beginning the process of removing the barriers between the Meta Horizon Store and App Lab, which lets any developer who meets basic technical and content requirements ship software on the platform. App Lab titles will soon be featured in a dedicated section of the Store on all our devices, making them more discoverable to larger audiences.

[…] We’re also developing a new spatial app framework that helps mobile developers create mixed reality experiences.

[…] Along with a more open app store, Meta Horizon OS will continue to give people more choice in how to access apps. Because we don’t restrict users to titles from our own app store, there are multiple ways to access great content on Meta Horizon OS, including popular gaming services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, or through Steam Link or our Air Link system for wirelessly streaming PC software to headsets. And we encourage the Google Play 2D app store to come to Meta Horizon OS, where it can operate with the same economic model it does on other platforms.

Really curious about the Google Play app store reference. This doesn’t sound like a partnership with Google, but some kind of invitation to become so?

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Ah, @Hizirwan mentioned a rumours that Meta and Google couldn’t come to terms on Google’s upcoming Android XR OS. So perhaps they (Meta) are tying to beat Google by releasing their own platform before Google does.

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Zuck with a 3-minute clip with the “sales pitch”,

“It might take a couple of years before some of these products start launching”

Also, a remark in that twitter thread: “wondering how ‘open’ this really will be?”

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