Apple giving access to AVP sensors, including camera feed and QR scanning?

As reported from WWDC24 by more than one source, visionOS2 will provide access to several sensor streams through Enterprise APIs.

From UploadVR’s Apple Will Let Enterprise Companies Access Vision Pro’s Passthrough Cameras:

Today at WWDC Apple announced Enterprise APIs for visionOS 2, which will give businesses access to advanced features not available in consumer apps. These Enterprise APIs include:

  • Main camera access
  • Passthrough in-screen capture
  • Apple Neural Engine access
  • Barcode and QR code scanning
  • Object tracking parameter adjustment
  • Increased performance headroom

Apple makes clear that these features can only be used in apps “for use in a business setting only”, and apps using them can only be distributed as proprietary in-house apps or custom apps made for a specific business using Apple Business Manager, not on the App Store. A managed entitlement is required, alongside a license file tied to your Apple developer account.

Apart from the obvious business focus, there’s apparently cost involved in using these APIs (although I haven’t been able to find an official source for that).

Curiously, the video Introducing enterprise APIs for visionOS on these features seems since to have disappeared from the WWDC24 video list, breaking links to it. Also, searching for “enterprise” no longer turns up any hits.

Edit 2: the video on the Enterprise APIs is back