A Metaverse for the Good - The European Metaverse Research Network (9-10 april 2024, Barcelona)


The metaverse may have a profound impact on the way we live, bringing new beneficial ways of carrying out educational, social and economic activities, but may also introduce problems in the ethical, legal, business, psychological, political and social sphere. There will be opportunities and problems that at the moment we cannot envisage, since each new technology brings with it fundamental changes that are hard to foresee. The mobile phone in conjunction with the world wide web and social media have led to revolutionary changes in society including on the positive side deep connectivity between people, but on the other, a threat to democracy. The immersive nature of the metaverse will have the potential to enhance both the positive and negative impact by an order of magnitude.

The EMRN is a research group that studies these various aspects of the metaverse concept. The 2024 EMRN conference will feature the EMRN members and their work, but we invite other stakeholders from academia, industry and policy to contribute to the discussion.

We invite submission of papers and posters, in order to foster new collaborations, and generate new ideas, moving towards a greater chance of envisaging the future. We are also looking forward to exciting and inspiring keynotes and panels that enable a multi stakeholder dialogue.

Some topics from the preliminary program:

  • the metaverse for industry
  • towards an intelligent metaverse: the impact of AI
  • multistakeholder discussion on the future of the metaverse, technical challenges and solutions
  • neurotechnology, neuroscience and the metaverse
  • ethical, legal and political implications of the metaverse